Patch Notes 09-26-2019


+Ankou Drop Rate increased by 10%


+Guild Siege is now daily.
+Guild Siege will alternate times each day, between 7:00 and 19:00 (Pacific Standard Time).

Class Changes

+Psykeeper Mastery Buff: Now adds 10% PvP Damage
+Psykeeper Skill Satanology: Buffed Root time up to 15sec.
+YJ Mastery Buff: Now adds 20% PvE Damage
+Blade Hero Skill Lv120 [Final Berserk]: Increased Duration up to 30min at lvl5.
+Fixed a Bug where Blade Skill Lv130: First Blood was being registered as a debuff and could be removed by using a Holy Scroll.

Set Changes

+Tricksters Curio/Curena Set Lvl130 YJ: Removed 15% Absorb and added 15% PvP Damage

Cash Shop

+Added Scroll of Acquisition (High) – 20 Antares Cash Coin
+Added Scroll of Acquisition (Low) – 10 Antares Cash Coin

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