Items Transmutation + EXP rates and More!

Hello Antareses! Today we’re bringing a good feature to keep us up to the date, it’s Item Transmutation! You can make your items look alike other item from the same type, but keeping it’s awesome stats. You can find the Item Transmutation option on Makeup Artist NPC. Also, there are few other updates on the server. Server’s exp is increased to 80x now instead 15x from before. Some items descriptions updates And that’s all for now. We hope this new exp rate makes leveling smoother than before! See you all soon! =)

Party Dungeons – Weapons Rarity – Wikipedia and Element Change updates

Party Dungeons: • The Wilds (Normal) & The Savage Wilds (Hard) -> Level 65 – 80 • Island of Dreams (Normal) & Island of Nightmare (Hard) -> Level 70 – 90 • Cove of the Ancients (Normal) & Abyssal Cove of the Ancients (Hard) -> Level 90 – 105 • Les Brittania S (Normal) & La Christiana A (Hard) -> Level 100 – 120 • Aminus Dungeon (Normal) & Cursed Aminus Dungeon (Hard) -> Level 115 – 121 • Catacombs of Anguish -> Level 125 – 135 • Ankou’s Asylum -> Level 125 – 135 • Kalgas Cave -> Level 141 – 152 • (NEW!!!) Yggdrasil Cove of Heroes -> Level 150 Catacombs of Anguish Dungeon: (BOSS) (Deathbringer) Kheldor Drops lv 125 set Ankou’s Asylum Dungeon: (BOSS) (God of Death) Ankou Drops lv 135 weapons Kalgas Cave: (BOSS) (God of Wrath) Kalgas Drops lv 130 set Yggdrasil: Quest items to … Continue reading “Party Dungeons – Weapons Rarity – Wikipedia and Element Change updates”

Auto Shouting

Hello Antareses! Ever wondered how boring it is to keep shouting when you need fillers for your party, or selling your goods? Fear no more! =D We are here today to introduce a simple and pratical feature called Auto Shout! All you have to do is to get in your character, and type: /as Your message And that’s it, your character will keep shouting your message every 1 min, automatically! You can set up to 10 different messages, and it will shout one after other. And if you want to stop shouting to reset your messages, all you have to do typing: /stopShouting This feature can also be combined with our Offline Vendors. You can leave your offline vendor shouting for people to come and see your items 😉 And that’s it! We will keep doing our best to add new features in order to make your life easier and … Continue reading “Auto Shouting”

Creative Vendors Event

To boost our still fragile economy, we will host an event. You can use our offline vendors features to take part in this! Admins will walk around Flaris invisible, and we will buy all your items if you set a creative message in your private shop! Easy way to make money right?! Rules Overpriced items wont be bought! You can leave as many offline vendors as you want There is no limit of items bought, if we like your shop, we may buy all of it! This event will be held until 10-20-2018 Participating All you have to do is to setup your private vendor, as usual, as disconnect ( close your game client )! Antares Flyff will keep your character online until it sells all your goods! Quite easy huh? Get ready to be rich! Good luck! =)

Rarity System And More

Rarity system allows to upgrade your weapons to it’s maximum performance. And this is a small patch list to help you to get your overpowered weapon! Items Scroll of RProtect changed name to Scroll of WRProtect (Rarity system) Npc Changes [Jewel Manager] Peach You can now access Weapon Rarity System. [Cash Shop] Vaelishe • Added Scroll of WRProtect [Antares Vote Shop] Lauren • Added Scroll of Reversion [Red Chip Merchant] Wafor Red Chip Exchange Changes 100 Red Crystal -> 25 Red Chips 100 Yellow Crystal -> 35 Red Chips 100 Araknoid Flower -> 45 Red Chips 100 Blue Crystal -> 50 Red Chips 100 Reprtilion Tooth -> 65 Red Chips 100 Hellhound Tooth -> 80 Red Chips 100 Blade Piece -> 90 Red Chips Chat window System Message Window is back!

General Updates

After hearing all your suggestions, we made a good patch list following your advices. The changes bellow focus on keeping the game balance, and improving the gameplay. Jewelery Soul of the Champion Set Increased HP+5% -> Increased HP+20% Increased Critical Damage +20% Blocking Rate of Melee Attacks+10% -> Blocking Rate of Melee Attacks+15% Soul of the Marksman Set Increased Critical Damage+20% Increased Attack+5% -> Increased Attack+10% Speed+10% -> Speed+15% Soul of the Adept Set Increased Attack+5% -> Increased Attack+10% Deceased Casting Time+15% -> Decreased Casting Time+20% Speed+10% -> Speed+15% Soul of the Defender Set Increased HP+5% -> Increased HP+15% Increased DEF+5% -> Increased DEF+10% Blocking Rate of Ranged attacks +10% Blocking Rate of Meelee attacks +10% Items All duplicated/rental items removed from the game or name changes New 3rd Job armor/weapon Preperations Crystal of Block Exp – Fixed (Stop gaining experience) Scroll of Return Exp – Fixed (Start gaining experience … Continue reading “General Updates”

Pet Exp – Dungeons – Red Chips

Hello Antareses Per your request, we’re updating the game with some of your requested changes. Patch List: – Add Buff Pang in Arena – Add Buff Pang in Azria – Add Buff Pang in Flaris, close to vagrant’s spawn – Change Survivor’s cloak to +25% attack ( not + 25 ) – Update Dungeons Entrance level ( you can verify the entrance level for each dungeon ingame ) – Update Pet’s EXP ( will be easier to level your raised pet ) – Red Chips Trader NPC Added – Red Chips NPC now has a tab to exchange quest items to Red Chips More updates comming in a near future!

Couple Exp, Party Exp and Drop Tables

Hello Antareses! As you may notice, we are applying few updates on the server from time to time. For now, we want to let you know that we improved the Couple and Party exp, so you can have your game experience boosted. Also, we are almost done with a new drop table, which may give you a better experience while grinding and boss hunting. Let us know your toughts regarding the changes.

Private Shop Offline

Remains online while vending your items sometimes might be a pain. Flyff is not a light software to keep online for hours and hours ( unless you’re actively playing ), right? To fix this issue, we brought an old feature back on. With our offline vending system, all you have to do is to setup your private shop, just like you usually do, and logout. Simple like that. You’re character will remains online selling your stuff, and when all your items get sold, we will disconnect it for you. And that’s pretty much it! We hope it helps to boost our still small economy! More updates comming soon!