Guild Buffs + Positive Awakes

Hello Antareses!

Today we are introducing our new Guild Buffs system. Quite simple to use and take advantage of it, fill a guild and stay online! =)

Here’s the list of possible buffs to get:

  • Level 1 Buff: Speed +10%; Guild Members Needed: 4, Online Members: 2
  • Level 2 Buff: All Stats +15; Guild Members Needed: 8, Online Members: 4
  • Level 3 Buff: Increased HP +3%; Guild Members Needed: 10, Online Members: 6
  • Level 4 Buff: Increased PvE Damage +3%; Guild Members Needed: 12, Online Members: 8
  • Level 5 Buff: Increased Drop Rate + 10%; Guild Members Needed: 14, Online Members: 12

Also, we have removed any negative awake from our systems, so from now on, all you’ll get are positive stats! And you can also have a bromance with same gender character using the Couple system! We hope this help you to boost your experience while playing.

See you soon!

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