Antares Flyff’s PvP Event

To celebrate our fine restart, we’re going to host a PvP event at 08/30/2019 03:00pm GMT-3. Put on your best gears and meet us at arena by the event time, and join us. The event is open to everyone, and there will be the following rewards: 1x Fire Card (A) 1x Water Card (A) 1x Eletric Card (A) 1x Land Card (A) 1x Wind Card (A) See you all there.

Creative Vendors Event

To boost our still fragile economy, we will host an event. You can use our offline vendors features to take part in this! Admins will walk around Flaris invisible, and we will buy all your items if you set a creative message in your private shop! Easy way to make money right?! Rules Overpriced items wont be bought! You can leave as many offline vendors as you want There is no limit of items bought, if we like your shop, we may buy all of it! This event will be held until 10-20-2018 Participating All you have to do is to setup your private vendor, as usual, as disconnect ( close your game client )! Antares Flyff will keep your character online until it sells all your goods! Quite easy huh? Get ready to be rich! Good luck! =)