Balance Updates – 09-02-2019

Focusing on a perfect gameplay, we’re constantly hearing your suggestions, and for today’s update, we are updating few skills.

Regarding Rooting skills:

  • Priest’s Grasp: Cooldown 1s
  • First Blood: Turned into a 30 min buff with Soul Leech +3
  • Satanology: Cooldown 1s
  • Rooting: Cooldown 1s
  • Merkaba Hanzelrusha: No longer roots


  • Holy Cross: Focus in 1 target instead AOE.


  • Removed 15% ADDOCH from 130 Set.


  • Enchant Absorb: Attack + 250 and Soul Leech +3
  • Enchant Blood: Attack + 250 and HP + 10%


  • Exp gap increased from Rebirth 5+

These updates are already applied, and we may change that according to community’s reaction.
Hope you all enjoy it.

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