Patch Notes 09-26-2019

PvE +Ankou Drop Rate increased by 10% PvP +Guild Siege is now daily. +Guild Siege will alternate times each day, between 7:00 and 19:00 (Pacific Standard Time). Class Changes +Psykeeper Mastery Buff: Now adds 10% PvP Damage+Psykeeper Skill Satanology: Buffed Root time up to 15sec. +YJ Mastery Buff: Now adds 20% PvE Damage +Blade Hero Skill Lv120 [Final Berserk]: Increased Duration up to 30min at lvl5. +Fixed a Bug where Blade Skill Lv130: First Blood was being registered as a debuff and could be removed by using a Holy Scroll. Set Changes +Tricksters Curio/Curena Set Lvl130 YJ: Removed 15% Absorb and added 15% PvP Damage Cash Shop +Added Scroll of Acquisition (High) – 20 Antares Cash Coin +Added Scroll of Acquisition (Low) – 10 Antares Cash Coin

Battle Pass – September Fashions

The battle pass tickets offers several advantages ingame, such as: Unlimited Dungeons Entries Unlimited / Auto Pet Feed Highlighted Shout Messages Highlighted Nickname And for those who gets the 30 days Battle Pass Tickets will also get an exclusive Fashion which will never be for sale on Cash Shop. These sets will be available from 09-15 ~ 10-15, and can be obtained from 30 days Battle Pass Tickets only. Enjoy.

Patch Notes 09-05-2019

Today, we’re applying a fast patch in order to fix few bugs from the last update. Fixes: Rebirth EXP improved from 5th+ ( you’ll get more exp ) Silverwing Duchess drops boosted King Chiton drops boosted Priest Grasp skill fixed Enchant Absord skill fixed We’re also implementing few features suggested for the Battle Pass which should be public soon enough. Stay tunned! =)

Balance Updates – 09-02-2019

Focusing on a perfect gameplay, we’re constantly hearing your suggestions, and for today’s update, we are updating few skills. Regarding Rooting skills: Priest’s Grasp: Cooldown 1s First Blood: Turned into a 30 min buff with Soul Leech +3 Satanology: Cooldown 1s Rooting: Cooldown 1s Merkaba Hanzelrusha: No longer roots Ringmaster Holy Cross: Focus in 1 target instead AOE. Templar Removed 15% ADDOCH from 130 Set. Jester Enchant Absorb: Attack + 250 and Soul Leech +3 Enchant Blood: Attack + 250 and HP + 10% Rebirths Exp gap increased from Rebirth 5+ These updates are already applied, and we may change that according to community’s reaction.Hope you all enjoy it.

Updates 08-31-2019

Here’s the patch list, so you can keep track on the latest updates. Added several usefull items on cash shop ( L key ) Decrease the amount of Scroll of Reversions given on Couple from 500 to 50 Improved Client’s stability Improved server’s stability Website fixes Please keep us posted about your suggestions in our discord or facebook page. Thanks and sorry for the downtime on the website.

Antares Flyff’s PvP Event

To celebrate our fine restart, we’re going to host a PvP event at 08/30/2019 03:00pm GMT-3. Put on your best gears and meet us at arena by the event time, and join us. The event is open to everyone, and there will be the following rewards: 1x Fire Card (A) 1x Water Card (A) 1x Eletric Card (A) 1x Land Card (A) 1x Wind Card (A) See you all there.

Battle Pass

As many of you already know, Antares Flyff is implementing a Battle Pass ticket, which allow players to get some advantages ingame. Each month, 30 days Battle Pass ticket will give an exclusive CS set, which will be changed every month, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! The fashion given will never be for sale again, even at cash shop. Features Unlimited Dungeons Entries ( no cooldown ) Unlimited raised pet HP Highlighted name Exclusive CS Set ( 30 days version ) Fashion of the month ( August 2019 ) For the first month since our relaunch, we are introducing the following set for the 30 days version of Battle Pass:

Couple + Price changes

Hello Antareses! Per your request we’ve made some adjustments on couple prizes and prices on NPCs. Couple Couple now have customized prizes for same levels. We will make a full list soon! Pet Tamer Items added: Pet Feed Feed Pet (6hrs) Vaelish ( Cash Shop ) Reversion price changed to 5m & 10 vote coins Pet Reversions price changed to 5m Transy B price changed to 25m General Fixes Traseia Monsters drops now as normal. Moonstone / Sunstone higher droprate Some text fixes & edits And that’s all for now! We hope these updates helps you on leveling, and thanks everyone for the great feedbacks we’ve been getting!

Guild Buffs + Positive Awakes

Hello Antareses! Today we are introducing our new Guild Buffs system. Quite simple to use and take advantage of it, fill a guild and stay online! =) Here’s the list of possible buffs to get: Level 1 Buff: Speed +10%; Guild Members Needed: 4, Online Members: 2 Level 2 Buff: All Stats +15; Guild Members Needed: 8, Online Members: 4 Level 3 Buff: Increased HP +3%; Guild Members Needed: 10, Online Members: 6 Level 4 Buff: Increased PvE Damage +3%; Guild Members Needed: 12, Online Members: 8 Level 5 Buff: Increased Drop Rate + 10%; Guild Members Needed: 14, Online Members: 12 Also, we have removed any negative awake from our systems, so from now on, all you’ll get are positive stats! And you can also have a bromance with same gender character using the Couple system! We hope this help you to boost your experience while playing. See you … Continue reading “Guild Buffs + Positive Awakes”

New Flying System + Demigod

Hello Antareses! Today we’re bringing you 2 nice systems. The first one is related to Wings only; from now on, you can use your awesome wings while walking, and all you have to do is double jumping to fly, and hiting Shift to go on ground again, quite simple huh? And the Demigod is an awesome glow awarded for those who get a full level 20 Baruna Set. That’s pretty nice, isn’t it? Hope to see you using your wings around! See you all soon!